NZOWASCO employs full conventional water treatment processes

Water source

  • Water sources include all rivers along Nzoia which includes Rivers; Kuywa, Kapolet, Kibisi

Intake structures

  • Intake structures are all built along rivers for abstraction of raw water
  • Raw water is pumped or gravitated to the treatment works through raw water mains

Treatment works

  • Water is mixed with Alum
  • Water is allowed to flow into flocculation basins
  • Water flows into the segmentation basin
  • Water flows through filtration units (Sand filters) to trap suspended materials
  • Filtered water is allowed to flow to clear water reservoirs
  • Chlorine is dossed into water at entry point for disinfection
  • Water is now pumped to the storage tank ready for release to distribution lines

Water supply is composed of the following treatment process as illustrated on the diagram below: